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Roy Alexander Scholarship


Roy Alexander

Roy Wellington Alexander (1891 - 1983)

This picture does paint a thousand words, for the future, for all of us, thanks to the generosity of Roy Wellington Alexander and Dick Jaensch, proud residents of Mount Barker.

What an era this Mount Barker pioneer’s son lived in!  In his early years, Roy worked his family’s farm on the outskirts of Mount Barker. Through his lifetime he saw the major mode of transport go from his beloved horse (as pictured) to steam trains, cars, buses, trucks and aeroplanes.  Along his journey in life, Roy maintained one love; the love of the land.  

Roy’s property supported a large number of stock and he, with the help of his long-time employee, Dick Jaensch, farmed merino sheep. When times were tough, Roy relied on Dick to help him out, so when he passed away in 1983, he helped Dick out by bequeathing his property to him.  

Roy and Dick had the same passion for the land. When Dick passed away in 2015, he left a legacy to encourage young people to work on the land. The property had been sold years earlier with the progression of the township of Mount Barker. Dick wanted the young people of Mount Barker to benefit, and he wanted the name of Roy Wellington Alexander to live on through the eyes of the many, many young scholarship beneficiaries.

The Roy Alexander Scholarship is used in two ways:

  • A former Mount Barker High School student is selected to attend an all-expenses-paid three-week hands-on training course in stockmanship of sheep and cattle and general farming skills in Hay, New South Wales through a program called Hay Inc.  The student is selected from the Year 12 cohort and attends the course the following year.
  • The Roy Wellington Alexander Scholarship funds the showing of Merino sheep at the annual Royal Adelaide Show. Year 9 students have the opportunity to learn about merino sheep, including their history, animal husbandry and leading of the sheep using a halter and lead. Each year the sheep are kindly donated by Judy and Keith Paech of Lucernbrae Callington.