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Not for ourselves alone


Student Leadership

Through a variety of roles within the school, students at Mount Barker High School can enjoy a range of opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

Each year, a number of students are elected by their year-level peers to represent them on the Student Representative Council (SRC). This is the main student leadership body, and members of the SRC serve on the Governing Council and the Uniform, Canteen, Facilities and other committees. The SRC meets regularly to share feedback from the student body and plan action based on student input.

Students from the SRC also represent the school at community events, such as the ANZAC Day Dawn Service, and coordinate ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ leadership seminars for regional student leaders.

Our school assemblies are led by students, giving them valuable experience in public speaking.

Each of the school’s houses are led by Captains and Vice Captains who are involved in the organisation and leadership of the school house competition.

Students also have opportunities to be involved in leadership roles through arts events, transition visits, sporting teams, and camps.

023 SRC Members

Presidents Nyah Gaff
Abbey Taylor
Vice Presidents Amielle Pomery
Harry Eades
Correspondence Secretary Amielle Pomery
Minute Secretary Noah Rose
Treasurer Zachary Hart
Publicity Officers Elliott Thomas
Georgia Riddle
Committee Members

Lashara Quinn
Ryan Stevens
Mitch Carling
Isaac Blatchford
Tom Matthews
Bethany Grillett
Ada Hamilton
Sophie Durbidge
Olivia Grieves
Owen Thomas
Caspar Cox
Espen Hateley
Ryan Saward
Edie Roberts
Charlotte Cockburn
Tyson Clements
Riley Hender
Kiara Stevens
Lily Clark
Harry Bets
Lincoln Denley
Gracie Hardy
Jenna Burrows
Aiden Joseph
Cody Pietsch

 2023 House Captains  

House Captains

Ash White
Nikkita Heinrich
Taya Rogers
Dylan Walker


House Captains

Lukas Brown
James White
Jorja Galbraith
Evie Sward


House Captains

Harry Eades
Ryan Saward
Jessie Morgan
Rosie van Deth


House Captains

Seb Bertrand
Taj Gore
Phyre Hockham
Olivia Webb

Executive members of the SRC are elected from and by the SRC members.