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Mount Barker High School

Not for ourselves alone

For tomorrow'sleaders

Student Absences

If your child is absent, please notify the school via email by clicking on the link

student absences

stating student's name, year level, Care Group teacher if known and the reason for the absence

BYOD Laptops 2020

In 2020, we will be partnering with Learning with Technologies (LWT) to offer a BYOD solution for parents and students. 

More information about LWT can be found by following this link:


Student Free Day

06 Mar


Teachers and support staff will be involved in training and development for the day

School community speak

PERMA for Staff

By Jenni Cook

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Students rewrite school policy


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The Science of Gratitude

By Lexia Edwards

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The new look Mount Barker High School.


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Positive Self Talk and Maths

By Kirsten Wissell

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Neuroscience and Education

By Jenni Cook

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2019 Year 12 Drama Trailer


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What makes us unique

Established 1908

For tomorrow's achievers and visionaries

In 1908, a pioneering group of local students stepped through our gates for the very first time to discover a place of inspiration, camaraderie, education and vision.

More than a century has passed since those first enquiring minds entered our classrooms, but to this day, Mount Barker High School continues its unwavering commitment to providing every student with the opportunity to learn, thrive, grow and be happy, in a friendly and enriching environment.

For that’s what makes us unique.

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A few little facts

100% of our Teaching Staff have undertaken Positive Education training

86% of students strongly agree that the school continuously looks at how to improve