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Not for ourselves alone

About Us

Positive Education

permaPositive education is the practical application in an educational setting of the highly regarded principles of positive psychology, which focus on building a person’s well-being to enable them to manage adversity and flourish in life. Since 2012, we have been working with experts from Australia and overseas to implement positive education in the school and the wider community.

At Mount Barker High School, we do not see positive education as something we do in addition to the rest of the curriculum; we see it as an integral part of everything we do.

It is embedded within the curriculum; in every subject and year level, we teach the skills explicitly in a dedicated program from years 7 to 12. It underpins our policies and procedures and impacts how we relate to our students and each other.

All our staff are trained in positive education and kept up-to-date with new research and developments in the field through regular professional learning sessions.