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Curriculum 2024

Assigning English and Mathematics Classes

How are students assigned English and Mathematics Classes?

At Mount Barker High School, we aspire to provide the most appropriate level of academic challenge for all students. To help with this process we are continually reflecting on a range of information to help guide decisions including:

  • PAT Literacy and Numeracy data
  • NAPLAN data
  • Academic success
  • Information from Teachers and Parents

Based on this information, our Learning Area Teams make recommendations about the most appropriate subject for students to study. We offer several options including; Connect English, English, English Studies, Connect Mathematics, Mathematics and Mathematics Extension.

Connect classes are for identified students who benefit from some additional foundation skills in the chosen subject. These classes are smaller in size and generally have additional School Services Officer support. These classes start from Year 7 with the intention that a base level of literacy and numeracy is achieved best preparing students for SACE.

English Studies and Mathematics Extension classes are for students who thrive with some additional level of challenge. Students complete a curriculum that asks them to think more deeply, critically and analytically about their work in preparation for English Literary Studies or Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics in Year 12.

English and Mathematics classes are formed using a clustering approach bringing together students with a range of strengths and abilities, which research suggests best supports the learning of all students. We review all literacy and numeracy class allocations at the end of each term to evaluate if this is still the best option for the individual. This review results in students moving between classes with the recommendation of the Learning Area Teams and confirmation from families.

For further information about this topic please contact the Assistant Principal: Curriculum and Innovative Pedagogies.