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Not for ourselves alone



Becoming a homestay family can be a very fulfilling experience for all family members as it provides a variety of opportunities to learn about a new culture.

As a local family hosting an international student, you will have the chance to:

  • learn about other cultures, customs and traditions
  • make lifelong friendships with your student and their family
  • participate in activities and meet other host families

When you host an international student, they will become a member of your family.  Your student will be a long way from home and in your care.  You will be expected to provide them with a safe, supportive and welcoming home environment.  As a homestay family, you will be required to:

  • provide a furnished bedroom inside the family home
  • prove all meals
  • provide internet access
  • provide the use of facilities
  • provide support to your student in their studies
  • monitor your student's health and wellbeing
  • accept duty of care for your student outside of school hours
  • negotiate reasonable expectations of behaviour inside and outside of the home

If you are a local family interested in hosting an international student, contact the school on 8391 1599.