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Not for ourselves alone

Mount Barker High School

August 2014

PERMA for Staff


Once a term teachers from the Heysen Partnership schools meet to share how they are embedding positive education into their practice. This sharing allows us to learn from each other, to have an overview of what is happening throughout the partnership, and to keep the momentum going. The theme for...

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Neuroscience and Education


On the first day back at school this term staff enjoyed a presentation from Neuroscientist, Professor Billy O’Connor, a passionate researcher into neuroscience and education. Billy is the head of Teaching and Research in Physiology at the University of Limerick Graduate Entry Medical School, and was on sabbatical at Flinders...

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Geelong Grammar School training visit


Staff at Mount Barker High School and the surrounding primary schools began their July holidays with a four day course – Discovering Positive Education, run by Geelong Grammar School’s Institute of Positive Education. They were joined by interested staff from both public and private metropolitan schools. The course covered topics...

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