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Not for ourselves alone


SRC and House Captains

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is an important group within the school community, and promotes purposeful, informed and consultative decision-making at Mount Barker High School.

As a forum, it identifies the needs and promotes our students' welfare while also initiating and supporting student activities.

Members of the SRC benefit from developing personal leadership, organisation and communication skills and promoting the school to the wider community. They undertake training to prepare them for their role.


2022 SRC Members

Presidents Ethan Carling
Georgia Tregaskis
Vice Presidents Nyah Gaff
Charlotte Cooke
Correspondence Secretary Amielle Pomery
Minute Secretary Noah Rose
Treasurer Blade Davey
Publicity Officers Georgia Riddle
Sahara Trevisan
Committee Members

Jasmine McInnes
Harry Eades
Shafiq Herriman
Charlotte King
Molly Passmore
Cooper Willcocks
Jamie Smith
Amelynne Nunn
Kavindi Abeysinghe Gunawardhana
Asher Chen
Dylan Walker
Lily Clark
Kiara Stevens
Tyson Clements
Riley Hender
Holly Megaw
Jensen Norris
Lily Tancred
Ethan Greenleaf

 2022 House Captains  

House Captain
Ethan Carling
Georgia Tregaskis

Jasper Mellor
Sahara Trevisan


House Captain
Khye Anderson
Naduni Ekanayake

Blade Davey
Scarlett Johns


House Captain
Aditya Thevarajah
Carys Antzoulatos

Nyah Gaff
Charlotte Cooe


House Captain
Angas Pankhurst
Ruby Hoadley

Noad Rose
Georgia Riddle

Executive members of the SRC are elected from and by the SRC members.