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Not for ourselves alone

Positive Education

Positive Education in the community

From our first Seligman lecture in 2012 we have invited our local community to share our journey into Positive Education.

Acting on the premise that ‘it takes a village to raise a child,’ we believe that by involving the whole community we are increasing the benefit to our young people.

We have included the local Youth Sector network, the District Council of Mount Barker, regional organisations that work with children and youth, and staff and parents of regional schools in our positive education training and development.

Each May we invite the school community to join in a month of mindfulness activities and our Chronicle regularly includes informatin on research into different aspects of Positive Education.

During Covid-19 we have developed a fun weekly program for our staff and students using activities that research has shown to build resilience, and we invite our community to join in! 

This can be accessed by following this link.