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Not for ourselves alone

Positive Education

Bringing Positive Education home!

Positive Education is not only for school, it can become part of family and community life. Simple activities can help to build PERMA at home.

To build… Things to try!

Positive Emotion




  • Write down three good things that happen in a day and reflect on why they happened

  • Do something good for someone else (Seligman says this is the quickest way to increase your wellbeing)

  • Listen to positive music/watch an uplifting movie

  • Go for a walk surrounded by nature






  • Turn a routine task (homework!) into a game with goals to achieve

  • Challenge yourself to learn a new skill or a more difficult level of an existing skill

  • Do something you find deeply rewarding (fishing, playing sport, painting, cooking…)

  • Use your strengths in the things that you do each day


Relationships (Positive)



  • Tell someone how much you appreciate them

  • Be kind to others

  • Listen to someone with all your attention

  • Celebrate a friend’s success

  • Let go of grudges – forgive






  • Give someone a helping hand without being asked

  • Spend time doing something with a family member

  • Take on responsibilities in a sporting club/community group

  • Think about what you would like to be remembered for in the future (by your children, grandchildren…)


Accomplishment / Achievement



  • Set yourself small goals and plan steps to achieve them

  • Remind yourself – mistakes are research not failure (use positive self–talk – “I can’t do it – yet!”)

  • Practice that instrument/sports skills/ maths task/drawing skill… you want to improve!

  • When someone tells you how you can improve listen gratefully and try out their suggestions

It is easy to focus on the negative – we have a natural tendency to do so! Remember to challenge your negative thoughts, ask yourself what evidence supports them, and look for the positives that happen each day! (Sometimes these are easier to find than others!)