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Not for ourselves alone

Mount Barker High School

Workplace Practices


20 Credits

Recommended Experience
Students completing an Australian School-based Apprenticeship or completing a VET course are strongly encouraged to choose this subject.

Stage 2 Workplace Practices may be undertaken as a 10 or a 20 credit subject. It enables students to count VET, or work, towards completing a Stage 2 subject. Students develop knowledge, skills, and understanding of the nature, type and structure of the workplace.

Subject Description

Students have the opportunity to research and investigate career pathways for an industry of their choice. They may negotiate aspects of course work and assessment based on individual study and/or work programs in order to create a program that is relevant to their needs, interests and aspirations.

Three areas of study include:
·    Industry and Work Knowledge
·    Vocational Learning incorporating learning from a range of areas including part-time employment, work experience and voluntary work
·    Any accredited VET training students may be engaged in at the time

School-based Assessment
·    Folio 25%
·    Performance 25%
·    Reflection 20%
External Assessment
·    Investigation 30%

Additional Information
For students undertaking a VET course, specific cost of consumables is stated in the respective course descriptor.