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Not for ourselves alone


Study Tours


Each year, since 2005, Mount Barker High School hosts a Study Tour from Funabashi Municipal High School.  In 2016 and 2017, we hosted students from Hokusei Gakuen Girls High School.  2018 will see us host students from Korea in February and Japan in March.

The students are hosted by homestay families from the school community, chosen by Mount Barker High School, and take part in English lessons as well as mainstream classes.  In addition, they participate in cultural excursions and experiences.

If you are a local family interested in hosting a Study Tour student, contact our

International Student Coordinator, Kirsten Wissell

or our

International Student Manager, Chris Draper

or phone the school on 8391 1599

Further information about becoming a homestay family, visit International Education Services (IES) at:

As a local family hosting an International Student, you will have the chance to

  • learn about other cultures, customs and traditions
  • make lifelong friendships with your student and their family
  • participate in activities and meet other host families

When you host an International Student, they will become a member of your family.  Your student will be a long way from home and in your care.  You will be expected to provide them with a safe, supportive and welcoming home environment.  As a homestay family, you will be required to 

  • provide a furnished bedroom inside the family home
  • provide all meals
  • provide internet access
  • provide the use of facilities
  • provide support to your student in their studies 
  • monitor your student's health and wellbeing
  • accept duty of care for your student outside of school hours
  • negotiate reasonable expectations of behviour inside and outside of the home