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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2023

Research Practices


Subject Name Research Practices
Year Level 11
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type Compulsory
Year 12 Pathway Research Project (Studied at Year 11)
Staff Contact Heath Masters


Students develop an understanding of the many varied reasons people undertake research and the wide range of possible research types. They gain skills in a range of research methods and develop an understanding of ethical and practical considerations to be taken into account when planning and conducting research. The work completed in this course will lead directly to the Research Project.


Folio  50% 

  • Part 1: Students explore the reasons behind researching a topic of personal interest and the ethics involved in research topics.
  • Part 2: Students identify three sources of information on a research area of personal interest. Students to reference and summarise the information from two of these sources - 500 words or equivalent.
  • Part 3: Students present one research instrument that has been created for the purpose of collecting primary research on their chosen topic. The instrument is to be designed and implemented by students who will use them to gain insight into their topic.

Source Analysis  50%

  • Part 1: Students analyse the primary research instrument they developed - 300 words
  • Part 2: Students analyse one of their secondary sources. Students collate these sources annotating the purpose, audience, usefulness and limitations of the use of the source.

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