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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2023

Physical Education A


Subject Name Physical Education A
Year Level 11
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type Optional
Year 12 Pathway Year 12 Physical Education
Staff Contact Matthew Honner


This course provides opportunities to learn a range of authentic sports, theme-based games, laboratories, fitness and recreational activities. These activities are negotiated based on class size, student interest and availability of facilities. Students explore movement concepts and strategies through physical activities, promoting participation and performance outcomes. These movement concepts and strategies may include body awareness, movement quality, spatial awareness, relationships, executing movement, creating space, interactions and making decisions.

Students apply their understanding of movement concepts to evaluate aspects of their own or others’ physical activity and reflect on strategies to improve participation and performance. Technology is used to collect, collate and analyse data such as video footage, heart rates, fitness tests and game statistics. Students apply their understanding of movement concepts to evaluate the data and reflect on strategies to improve performance and participation.


Physiology and Performance Improvement  50% 

  • Students explore physiology and its role in performance improvement by undertaking a range of fitness tests. Technology is used to encourage the collection of evidence including game data, video analysis, fitness data, and/or literature research. Using this data, students will identify their strengths and weaknesses and reflect on ways in which performance improvement can be achieved in a chosen sport - 1500 words or 9 minutes multimodal.
Equity of Activity – Inclusivity  50% 
  • Students explore the personal, social or cultural barriers and enablers of a chosen sport. Through participation and research, they identify and explore the characteristics that are inclusive or exclusive toward certain groups of participants and propose strategies to combat the identified barriers - 1500 words or 9 minutes multimodal.

Additional Information

Practical participation is an essential element of the curriculum. Students who cannot take part on medical/health grounds require notes from parents/carers.