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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2023



Subject Name Navlife
Year Level 11
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type Optional
Year 12 Pathway Year 12 Navlife
Staff Contact Andrew Dunn


In the practical exploration assessment, students complete a range of short tasks to build knowledge, understanding and supportive strategies relating to the benefits of understanding our values, the influence of gender roles in the media, power and abuse of power in relationships and self-care strategies.  Emotional literacy tasks are embedded in every lesson during the practical exploration to build emotional vocabulary and better enable students to express emotions accurately.

Students participate in a collaborative task where they investigate the principles of Post Traumatic Growth, producing a product that features a case study documenting how a person of their choosing has demonstrated Post Traumatic Growth.  

Students complete an investigation into a wellbeing topic of their choosing negotiated with the teacher.

Students must demonstrate and develop the SACE capabilities throughout the subject.


Practical Exploration  50%

  • Healthy Relationships 
    • Folio of work
    • 300-500 word evaluation or 4-minute multimodal presentation
  •  Self-Care
    • Record of self-care activities
    • Group discussion

Connections  30%

  • Product relating to Post Traumatic Growth
  • 500 words or 4-minute multimodal reflection with supporting folio of evidence

Passion Project 30%

  • Investigative project based on the interest of the student
  • 1000 words or 6-minute multimodal presentation

Additional Information

This subject was designed by students based on their interests.  Topics will be negotiated at the beginning of the year to ensure the context of the content is relevant and engaging to participants.