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Curriculum 2023

Music Advanced


Subject Name Music Advanced
Year Level 11
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type Optional
Year 12 Pathway Year 12 Music Ensemble and Solo Performance
Staff Contact Brendan Fitzgerald


Music Advanced is designed to extend students' existing musical understanding and skills in creating and responding to music. This builds on the skills and strengths acquired in the subject 'Music Experience' during Semester 1.  

Students learn to sing or play an instrument by taking weekly lessons with an instrumental or vocal teacher and learn to read and write music using conventional notation. They apply these skills in solo and ensemble contexts in class and by participation in whole-school vocal and instrumental groups.


Creative Work  70%

  • Performance  40% 
    Students develop, refine and present two performances, one as a soloist and one as an ensemble member. Students may perform using instruments (including technology) and/or voice. Performance lengths 3-5 minutes each.
  • Arrangement  30% 
    Students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of arranging techniques through the harmonisation and arrangement of a popular song or jazz standard for a selection of 3 or more instruments - 4 minutes in length.  
Musical Literacy  30%
  • Reflections on Creative Work: Musical Arrangement and Performance Evaluations.
    Students present reflections on their learning in their creative work, with reference to musical elements and compositional and arrangement techniques used. They develop and refine their arrangements and inform their solo and ensemble performances. These reflections are also documented in their online Digital Performance Portfolios. 600 words or 5-minute oral/multimodal.

Additional Information

  • Instrumental Music Program - All students are expected to commit to learning an instrument or take vocal lessons with either Education Department Instrumental Music teachers or private providers. 
  • Students are required to participate in the school vocal ensemble or stage band with three public performances per year, including Arts Night and Music Night events, plus additional school assembly performances.
  • A range of workshops and excursions for concert attendance to underpin knowledge are offered throughout the year.