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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2023

Health and Wellbeing


Subject Name Health and Wellbeing
Year Level 11
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type Optional
Year 12 Pathway Year 12 Health and Wellbeing
Staff Contact Matthew Honner


Students develop the knowledge, skills and understandings required to explore and understand influences and decision making relating to health and wellbeing. They will adopt health literacies to evaluate current trends and issues that impact health and wellbeing. Students will reflect on personal and community actions to promote and improve sustainable health outcomes for individuals, communities and global society. 


Assessment Type 1  50%

  • Adolescent Health Awareness - 1000 words or 6 minutes multimodal

Students will work in small groups to investigate a health awareness activity that will improve the health of the school community and the wider Mount Barker community.

  • Personal Wellness Goal -1000 words or 6 minutes multimodal

To participate in, analyse and evaluate, a health-promoting and wellbeing activity beyond the classroom that can be promoted to improve the health of individuals and communities.


Assessment Type 2  50%

  • Current Media Trends – 1000 words or 6 minutes multimodal

Students will research the current health trends of media use and how that can impact individuals, communities and global society.

  • Respectful Relationships and Domestic Violence -1000 words or 6 minutes multimodal

Students identify empathetic or ethical issues relating to respectful relationships or domestic violence.

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