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Curriculum 2023

English Literary Studies


Subject Name English Literary Studies
Year Level 11
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type Compulsory
Year 12 Pathway Year 12 English Literary Studies or Year 12 English
Staff Contact Kate Hynes


Students develop key knowledge, skills and understandings when analysing complex ideas and perspectives in mainly written texts, as well as the language and stylistic features used in texts. When creating oral, written and multimodal texts for specific purposes, contexts and audiences, students apply their knowledge and understanding of accurate language use and conventions. 

Topics may include:

  • Respond to Texts
    Students examine a range of complex texts, analysing the purpose and impact of language features, stylistic features and conventions on audiences
  • Create Texts
    Students create imaginative, interpretive and/or persuasive texts for different purposes, contexts and audiences in written, oral and/or multi-modal forms
  • Undertake an Intertextual Study
    Students analyse complex connections between texts, exploring and evaluating similarities and differences, and how texts are constructed to influence audience response
  * Students undertake a study of one of Shakespeare’s plays 


Respond to Texts  50%

  • Maximum 800 words or a 5 minute oral/multimodal response

Create Texts  25% 

  • Maximum 800 words or a 5 minute oral/multimodal response
Intertextual Study  25%
  • Maximum 1000 words or a 6 minute oral/multimodal response

Additional Information

Students must achieve a C grade in 20-credits of English subjects to meet the Literacy requirement of the SACE.  

Students will be enrolled in English Literary Studies, English, Essential English, or Vocational English based on teacher recommendations and parent approval. Teacher recommendations are based on previous achievements, PAT results, career pathway and teacher knowledge of the content. Negotiations can be made if a specific pathway is required for students.