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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2023

Biology A


Subject Name Biology A
Year Level 11
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type Optional
Year 12 Pathway Year 12 Biology
Staff Contact Lisa Dickson


Students investigate and learn about the structure and function of a range of living organisms, how they interact with other living things, and with their environments. Students have the opportunity to engage with the work of biologists and to join and initiate debates about how biology impacts on their lives, society and the environment.  

Topics may include:

  • Cells and Microorganisms
    Students will investigate the role of the cell and analyse the structures and systems within cells. Students will learn about microorganisms and their importance and use in modern applications.  
  • Ecosystems
    Students investigate diverse ecosystems, explore biotic and abiotic components to dynamic habitats and analyse measurements of certain properties including species interactions and population.


Investigations Folio  50%

  • Practical Report - 1000 words or equivalent multimodal 
  • Fieldwork Report - 1000 words or equivalent multimodal  

Skills and Applications Tasks  50% 

  • Topic test on cells and microorganisms  
  • Semester examination on all topics

Additional Information

An average of a B grade or better in the topic of Biology in Year 10 Science plus teacher’s recommendation is preferred.