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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2022

Drama B


Subject Name Drama B
Year Level 9
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type Optional
Staff Contact Vashti Paech


Students develop their basic stagecraft, improvisation and analysis skills through Making and Performing, and Anyalysising and Responding.

'Making and Performing' focuses on developing stagecraft, improvisation and devising skills, while 'Analysing and Responding' focuses on developing student reflection on their own practice, as well as the practice of others. 

'Making and Performing' topics may include:  

  • Stagecraft and appropriate Drama terminology
  • Improvisation activities such as drama games
  • Character development activities
  • Plot development activities
  • Rehearsing established scripts
  • Working collaboratively to devise scripts (fairytales)
  • Performing  
'Analysing and Responding' topics may include:
  • Responding to students’ own work through a Writer’s Statement
  • Analysing the work of others through a Review (stage performance or film)


Students are required to complete class and homework tasks that include both Making and Performing and Analysing and Responding.  

Students may be assessed in the three following areas:

  • Basic Stagecraft and Improvisation 
  • Performances
  • Written responses 

Additional Information

Performance at public events is a requirement of this subject.