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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2022

Design and Technology


Subject Name Design and Technology
Year Level 9
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type Optional
Staff Contact Tim Rodgers


Design and Technology focus on metalwork and electronics for a term each.  

Students use oxy-acetylene welding and hand forming processes to produce their own product. Students develop individual and collaborative approaches to project management, completing a design folio to investigate, refine and communicate ideas. The design stage includes using CAD software to produce detailed drawings. The final stage is an evaluation task where students self-assess their work. Homework may include a Careers Investigation to understand how metalwork skills are used in the industry. Extension work may include metal lathe work to make a spin top toy.  

Students complete introductory tasks to explore the function of electronic components, circuits and products. Students assemble an electronic dice kit and use Adobe Illustrator to design and produce an acrylic case for the dice using the laser cutter. Extension tasks may include designing and producing an acrylic skill tester. 


In Metalwork, tasks may include:

  • Workshop Safety
  • Design Folio
  • Metal Project Production
  • Careers Investigation
  • Evaluation  

In Electronics, tasks may include:

  • Dice Case Design
  • Dice Assembly
  • Electronics Booklet

* Technical drawing or reflection on sustainability issues of plastics/electrical equipment if time permits. 

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