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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2022

Agriculture A


Subject Name Agriculture A
Year Level 9
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type Optional
Staff Contact Tim Rodgers


This course focuses on a range of agricultural topics relating to insects, goats, gardening, and the dairy industry. Throughout the semester, students will learn the knowledge underpinning each topic and develop their literacy, numeracy, critical and creative thinking, ICT skills, teamwork, safety around animals, and ethical and intercultural understandings.  

Topics may include:

  • Insects: Definition of insects; Insect identification; Beneficial insects with a focus on bees; Pest insects and their impacts on agriculture
  • Goats: Introduction to Boer goats and history; Goat handling; Haltering and leading; Grooming; Nutrition
  • Dairy: Introduction to Great Ocean Road curds and the why dairy project; Dairy products; Careers in the dairy industry; Calf rearing; Dairy farm operation
  • Gardening: Type of vegetable gardening methods; Organic vs. conventional farming; Plants selection; Mulching; Garden design


Tasks may include:

  • Insects in Agriculture: Insect collection task
  • Goats Handling: Practical task
  • Dairy: Literacy project
  • STEM: Gardens Design numeracy folio

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