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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2022



Subject Name Science 
Year Level 8
Subject Length Full Year
Subject Type Compulsory
Staff Contact Tim Rodgers


Students study scientific concepts and explore how they relate to everyday life. Students develop their inquiry skills through practical investigations which allow students to formulate and test hypotheses and draw conclusions.  

Topics may include:       

  • Chemical Sciences: Laboratory Safety, Atoms and the Periodic Table, Physical and Chemical Changes
  • Biological Sciences: Cells and Body Systems      
  • Physical Sciences: Energy Transformations and Heat
  • Earth and Space Sciences: Water Quality and Rocks


Tasks may include:

  • Reports: Ball Bounce Practical; Chemical and Physical Changes
  • Tests: Energy; Atoms and Elements; Cells
  • Product Design: Body Systems
  • Investigation: Water Testing Challenge
  • Multimodal Presentation: Rocks 

Additional Information