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Curriculum 2022



Subject Name Music
Year Level 8
Subject Length Term
Subject Type Compulsory
Staff Contact Vashti Paech


Students listen and respond to music and learn to create and perform music. They develop an understanding of the elements of music including rhythm, pitch, dynamics, expression, form and structure whilst developing aural skills to identify and interpret these elements. These skills are essential in making and responding to a range of music through composing and performing. Students also consider music in a social context developing an understanding and appreciation of different musical styles from blues, jazz, rock and classical to contemporary and popular music.

Topics may include:         

  • Foundation theory to provide essential music reading and writing skills         
  • A study of the different families of musical instruments         
  • Practical keyboard, guitar and percussion skills including drum-kit         
  • Playing music individually or in small groups on keyboards and other instrumental combinations 
  • Using music technology processes to create sample-based compositions
  • An overview of classical and popular styles including rock, blues and jazz  


Tasks may include:   

  • Completion of practical and theory components, including a theory booklet         
  • Two written assignments covering musical instrument studies and music technology topics     
  • Practical skills in playing drum kit rhythms and group percussion       
  • Foundation keyboard and guitar skills
  • A mini-film soundscape using Garage Band or similar composition software

Additional Information

Instrumental Music Program
See information under Instrumental Music Program. All students intending to continue studying music beyond Year 8 are expected to commit to learning an instrument. Students are encouraged to participate in the school’s vocal ensemble or stage band.