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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2022



Subject Name German
Year Level 8
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type Compulsory
Staff Contact Ivan Bronsert


This course aims to develop students’ ability to read, speak and write in German, and to introduce students to aspects of German life and culture.

Topics may include:

  • Germany and German-speaking countries
  • German customs, culture and geography
  • Common social interactions
  • Family and home life
  • Descriptive writing 
  • Understanding, practising and analysing systems of language including grammatical patterns, tenses, word order, spelling, polite form, dialects, linguistic features and meta-language.


Students are assessed as they read, write, listen to and speak in German. Understanding of language structure and culture is also assessed. Assessment items include role-plays, oral presentations, posters, maps, letters and creative writing. 

Additional Information

Purchase of a German/English Dictionary is not essential but recommended.