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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2022

Food and Textiles Technology


Subject Name Food and Textiles
Year Level 8
Subject Length Term
Subject Type Compulsory
Staff Contact Tim Rodgers


This subject aims to encourage and support students to design, create and appraise textile and food products. Students develop skills using specialised tools and equipment and learn how these relate to nutrition, sustainability, the fashion industry and the environment.   

Topics may include:

  • Food: Students develop skills in food preparation, kitchen and food safety, and recipe design. Students are introduced to the Australian Dietary Guidelines.   
  • Textiles: Students follow the design process to develop hand and machine sewing skills and use other textile equipment to create a personal item.


Tasks may include:

  • Investigation of High-Risk Foods: Students research the causes, symptoms and consequences of food poisoning, identify high-risk foods, use the correct names of pathogens and demonstrate how to prepare food safely at home and when eating out  
  • Planning and Reflection for Creating a Soft Toy: Students pre-plan/create a proposal, sew a soft toy and later reflect on their knowledge and skill development in design and sewing 

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