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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2022

Historical Studies


Subject Name Historical Studies
Year Level 10
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type Optional
Staff Contact Sam Hall


Year 10 Historical Studies gives students the opportunity to extend their Humanities knowledge through learning topics with real-world and community relevance, allowing students who have an interest in History to pursue the subject further. Through the teaching of skills such as critical thinking and ethical and analytical reasoning, students gain an advantage across all subject areas, particularly the Humanities.

Topics may include:

  • Revolutions: American War of Independence: Students will learn the causes of the revolution and the influence of these key ideologies   
  • Decolonisation: Vietnam War: An overview of the Vietnam War including the external control of colonies and internal forces’ challenges to maintain control power
  • Focus Country Study: Germany (1740-1871): Students will look at Germany’s history beginning with the early years of German states through the golden years of technological and scientific advancements and finishing with German settlement in the Adelaide Hills


Tasks may include:

  • Analytical Assessment Task: Historical Accuracy Assignment - Students watch the film ‘The Patriot’ and analyse the inaccuracies portrayed in the film
  • Negotiated Discussion Task: Students create a discussion question on which to base their assignment addressing the Vietnam War
  • Investigation Task: Students investigate the history and legacy of German Settlement in Australia and how it has merged itself with South Australian culture

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