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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2022



Subject Name English
Year Level 10
Subject Length Full Year
Subject Type Compulsory
Staff Contact Shannyn Daniel


Year 10 English further develops students’ knowledge, understanding, skills and processes of speaking, listening, reading, viewing and writing with purpose, clarity and confidence, within the fields of Language (knowing about the English language), Literature (appreciating, understanding, analysing and creating literature) and Literacy (expanding the skills of English usage).  


Students complete a range of written, oral and multimodal tasks to demonstrate their language skills, knowledge and understanding, and are assessed against the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards. By the end of Year 10, students will have undertaken:

  • Study of texts including prose, poetry, play scripts, film, media and multimedia to analyse and compare complex ideas
  • Analysis and discussion of a range of texts dealing with abstract themes and socio-cultural values
  • Demonstration of skills, knowledge and understanding – orally, in writing and using information and communication technologies
  • Development of literacy skills necessary for community life
  • Appropriate construction of imaginative, informative, persuasive, media and everyday texts that explore different perspectives about diverse topics
  • Drafting, proof-reading and editing skills 

Additional Information

Students will be enrolled in Connect English, English or Extension English, based on teacher recommendations and parent approval. Teacher recommendations are based on previous achievements, PAT and NAPLAN results. Negotiations can be made if a specific pathway is required for students.