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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2022



Subject Name Dance
Year Level 10
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type  Optional
Staff Contact Vashti Paech


This course is based on two strands of the Australian Curriculum: Making and Responding.  


Students are led through a developmental process to create an original dance work. Students work collaboratively to choreograph, rehearse and perform dances, demonstrating technical and expressive skills. Students will be exposed to promoting an event and developing their ability to work to a performance deadline. Students learn how light and sound enhance performance with an option to learn sound and lighting technical skills. The group will be responsible for arranging sustainable costumes for the performance.  


Students reflect on their performance and review a professional production. Students analyse choreographic devices and the elements of dance and production. 


Tasks may include:

  • Performance: Students work together to develop and perform an original public performance  
  • Group Work: Students are assessed on their input to the creative development process and attendance and participation at rehearsals  
  • Reflection: Students write a reflection on their performance, articulating what went well, the challenges faced during their performance and the character strengths shown individually and by another peer  
  • Review: Students analyse the elements of dance and choreographic devices in dance works they view  
  • Yoga: Students will practice yoga regularly to develop physical strength, flexibility and mindfulness skills for performance preparation
  • Choreographic Task: Students develop original choreography which could include a solo performance or teaching the dance to peers

Additional Information

Performance at public events is a requirement of this subject.