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Curriculum 2022

Child Studies


Subject Name Child Studies
Year Level 10
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type Optional
Staff Contact Tim Rodgers


Child Studies introduces students to the concepts of child development from birth to five years.

Topics may include:

  • Decision-making in relation to being a parent
  • The responsibilities of raising children: their physical and mental health, physical development and learning
  • Families: Family structures and changes to the 'Traditional  Australian Family'
  • Historical views of childhood
  • Australian guidelines and legislation regarding such topics as car seats, cots, discipline, sleep and child protection
Students focus on two life skill components: textile production and healthy food production. They explore the stages of pregnancy and create healthy meal plans for pregnant women. They examine family structures, analyse what it takes to be a parent and devise and sew an item which will support a pregnant woman. Students will observe and discuss how play and socialisation encourage children to develop their social and emotional skills, fine and gross motor skills and cognitive abilities.


Tasks may include:

  • Discussions:
    • Why couples plan to have children
    • The costs of raising children; what equipment, clothing and furniture babies need
    • Toys and gender roles
    • The impact of technology and media
    • The roles and obligations of parents     
  • Investigation: The responsibilities of parenthood
  • Research: The genetic conditions related to pregnancy 
  • Investigation: Which nutrients are best for a pregnant woman and child? 
  • Practical: Cooking a nutritious meal for a pregnant woman
  • Research Task: The stages of pregnancy
  • Practical: Designing and sewing an item intended to comfort a pregnant woman
  • Research: The milestones of infants

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