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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2022



Subject Name Geography 
Year Level 7
Subject Length Semester
Subject Type Compulsory
Staff Contact Sam Hall


‘Water in the world’ focuses on water as an example of a renewable environmental resource. This unit examines the many uses of water, the ways it is perceived and valued.

‘Place and liveability’ focuses on the concept of place through an investigation of liveability. This unit examines factors that influence liveability and how it is perceived, the idea that places provide us with the services and facilities needed to support and enhance our lives.

Topics may include:

  • ‘Water in the World’
    • How Water Connects Communities and Affects Place
    • Fires, Floods, and Droughts - Welcome to Australia
  • ‘Place and Liveability’
    • Worldwide Water Solutions
    • Perfect Places


 Tasks may include:

  • Unit 1: Water in the World
    • Students will watch 'The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind', then research pre-existing water solutions or create their own water solution.
  • Unit 2: Place and Liveability
    • Students will create a Model, Drawing, Computer model of ideal based on a particular family or group of people.

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