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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2022



Subject Name Navlife
Year Level 12
Subject Length Full Year
Subject Type Optional
Prerequisite Subjects There are no prerequisite subjects for Navlife
Staff Contact Andrew Dunn


In the practical assessment tasks, students experience and investigate strategies to develop a practice of sustainable wellbeing, drawing links between aspects of their lives and their learning.  These strategies include: character strength development, self-care practices, and thinking skills that enable a greater understanding of, and improved approaches when faced with adversity.  Whilst participating in tasks, students apply knowledge and skills to their own lives to experience the wellbeing benefits for themselves.  

Students participate in an authentic group task where they collaborate with another student or community member to apply learning to a real-world product or event that links to an element of wellbeing.   

Students complete an investigation into a wellbeing topic of their choosing, negotiated with the teacher.  


Practical  40%

  • Character Strengths: 3 minor tasks and an evaluation - 500 words and task folio
  • Self-Care: Participate in 8 activities and develop a resource for one strategy - 8-minute discussion and workbook
  • Building Mental Toughness: Applying skills and knowledge to a given scenario - 500 words and workbook

Connections  30%

  • Create a product or plan an event relating to Wellbeing
  • Written Reflection - 1000 words or 6-minute multimodal presentation

Personal Endeavour  30% Externally Assessed

  • Written or multimodal - 2000 words or 12-minute multimodal presentation

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