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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2022

Legal Studies


Subject Name Legal Studies
Year Level 12
Subject Length Full Year
Subject Type Optional
Prerequisite Subjects Successful completion of Year 11 Legal Studies is recommended
Staff Contact Donna Foster


As the Australian legal system is constantly evolving, Legal Studies explores the way the political and legal systems operate through our Courts and Parliament. This enables students to become more informed citizens about our legal system and make judgements about the effectiveness of our system. 

Students will study three focus areas (Focus area 1 and 2 are compulsory and the teacher must choose one Option Area):

  • Focus Area 1: Sources of Law
  • Focus Area 2: Dispute Resolution
  • Option Area 1: The Constitution
  • Option Area 2: When Rights Collide


Folio  40%

  • Complete 4 assessment tasks to a total word count of 4000 words or 24 minutes in oral/multimodal form
  • One task must be under direct supervision

Inquiry 30% 

  • One inquiry on a legal issue that occurred over the past 12 months - maximum 2000 words if written or 12 minutes oral/multimodal form

Examination  30%

  • Examination -130 minutes (online)

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