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Curriculum 2022

English Literary Studies


Subject Name English Literary Studies
Year Level 12
Subject Length Full Year
Subject Type Optional
Prerequisite Subjects Successful completion of Year 11 English Literary Studies or outstanding achievement in Year 11 English is recommended
Staff Contact Shannyn Daniel


Throughout the year, students may:

  • Respond to Texts
    Through their study of literary texts, students understand how readers are influenced to respond to their own and others' cultural experiences, and how the expectations of audiences shape perceptions of texts and their significance.
  • Create Texts
    Students create texts that enable them to apply the knowledge, skills, and understandings developed through their study of literary texts in a range of forms.
  • Undertake a Comparative Analysis
    Students complete a written comparative analysis of two texts and evaluate how the language features, stylistic features, and conventions in these texts are used to represent ideas, perspectives, and/or aspects of culture, and to influence audiences.
  • Undertake a Critical Reading Examination
    The examination will consist of a critical reading of one or more short texts. The short texts may be in a variety of forms (e.g. prose, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, texts with graphic or visual elements, or excerpts from film or soundtracks). 


Responding to Texts  50%

  • Students complete up to five responses to texts. These comprise a maximum of 5000 words. One of these responses can be oral/multimodal, where 6 minutes is equivalent to 1000 words.

Creating Texts  20%

  • One text will be a transformative text linked to another text, with a writer’s statement - 2500 words, or 9 minutes oral/multimodal
  • One written, oral, or multimodal text - 1000 words, or 6 minutes oral/multimodal

Text Study  30%

  •  Part A: Comparative Text Study 15%
    One comparative text study comparing a shared text with another text chosen by the student - 1500 words
  • Part B: Critical Reading Examination  15%
    One Critical Reading 90-minute online examination developed by the SACE board 

Additional Information

Year 12 English Literary Studies attracts two adjustment factor points for University entrance and meets the English prerequisite for interstate universities.