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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2021



Subject Name Photography
Year Level 12
Subject Length Full Year
Subject Type Optional
Prerequisite Subjects Successful completion of Year 11 Photography is recommended
Staff Contact Graham Murphy


This subject allows students to study Photography to make communications products focusing on design processes. The areas of study include camera techniques, digital manipulation, the making of a communication product, and a resource investigation. Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in areas of interest using a DSLR camera. They will explore advanced lighting techniques in product photography and conduct a resource investigation in support of their product. 


Specialised Skills Tasks  20%

  • Camera Techniques: Investigate camera techniques demonstrating knowledge of appropriate camera settings - 600 words or 4 minutes multimodal.
  • Digital Manipulation: Use Photoshop to create an advertisement using a light stacking technique exploring the use of graphical elements - 400 words or 2 minutes multimodal.  

Design Process and Product  50% 

  • One major product using the design process to create their solution. i.e. a calendar, series of promotional posters, packaging for a product etc. - 2000 words or 12 minutes multimodal.  

Resource Investigation  30%

  • Part 1: Investigate the properties of two or more materials or components that will be considered to be used for the product. For example, camera equipment and settings - 2000 words or 12 minutes multimodal.
  • Part 2: Issues Exploration - Investigate ethical, legal, economic and/or sustainability issues related to their product, including impact on individuals and communities - 2000 words or 12 minutes multiodal. 

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