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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2021

Creative Arts


Subject Name Creative Arts
Year Level 12
Subject Length Full Year
Subject Type Optional
Prerequisite Subjects Successful completion of Year 11 Design, Multimedia or Visual Arts is recommended
Staff Contact Graham Murphy


Creative Arts is a subject that allows students to study in the areas of art, design and multimedia. Students will create a Practical Skills Folio and demonstrate their proficiency in their chosen medium. They will study an artist, analyse their work, and complete a Product Task.  This leads to the production of two major products that are developed from their folio. Students work with some independence to develop their own personal style in the making and responding to works of art, design and multimedia. 


Practical Skills  30%

  • Students conduct a focused exploration, application, and evaluation of skills appropriate to their preferred area of the creative arts. They provide samples of these skills and evaluate the ways in which their skills have developed.
  • The combined evidence should be a maximum of 2000 words or 12 minutes oral/multimodal form.

Investigation  20%

  • Students investigate the role and work of an arts practitioner. They will critically analyse artwork, and make connections to influences and contextual information.
  • Maximum of 2000 words if written or 12 minutes oral/multimodal form. 

Product  50%

  • Students choose to focus on either Art, Design or Multimedia, or a combination between the two products they develop. They plan, research, and develop skills for the production of two finished practical pieces.
  • Assessment will consist of a folio of planning and developmental work in support of two finished products.
  • Folio - 20 A3 Pages maximum 2000 words and two Related Art products.

Additional Information

Students will need to purchase an A3 sketchbook, 2xA3 pocket folios, and a 2B and 6B pencil.