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Not for ourselves alone

Curriculum 2021



Subject Name Biology
Year Level 12
Subject Length Full Year
Subject Type Optional
Prerequisite Subjects Successful completion of 2 semesters of Year 11 Biology is recommended
Staff Contact Lisa Dickson


The study of Biology allows students to investigate and learn about the structure and function of living organisms, and how they interact with other living things and with their environments.  

The first subject focus is Cell Biology, which is vital understanding for all branches of Biology. The second focus covers how the human body maintains the perfect internal environment, along with evolution and ecological sciences.  

Topics may include:

  • Cells and the Basis of Life
  • DNA and Proteins
  • Homeostasis
  • Evolution


Investigations Folio  30% 

  • Enzymes: Practical Report - 1500 words
  • Homeostasis: Deconstruct and Design Practical - 1500 words  

Skills and Applications Tasks  40% 

  • DNA and Proteins Test - 60 minutes
  • Cells as the Basis of Life Supervised Task - 90 minutes
  • Homeostasis Test - 60 minutes
  • Evolution Test - 60 minutes  

External Assessment  30% 

  • Students undertake a 130-minute online examination
  • Year 12 science inquiry skills and science understanding from all Year 12 Biology topics may be assessed

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