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Curriculum 2021

Agricultural Production


Subject Name Agricultural Production
Year Level 12
Subject Length Full Year
Subject Type Optional
Prerequisite Subjects Successful completion of at least 1 semester of Year 11 Agriculture is recommended
Staff Contact Edwin Chen


Topics may include:

  • Students design and carry out an experiments based on the actions of plant hormones
  • The class investigates the effects of soil salinity on agricultural crops
  • Students choose a contemporary agricultural topic to investigate the interaction of agricultural science with society
  • Students prepare and assess lambs for sale
  • Students perform husbandry practices on newborn lambs under the direct supervision of the teacher
  • Students compare intensive (indoor/confined) and extensive (outdoor/free-range) systems used in the production of animals, including animal welfare outcomes
  • Students individually undertake an investigation, for example, on lamb production in a feedlot


Agricultural Reports  30% 

  • Effect of Gibberellic acids on plant growth: Experiment Report - 1500 words
  • Effect of salinity on plant health: Experiment Report - 1500 words
  • Science as Human Endeavour: Report (negotiated topic) - 1500 words
Applications  40% 
  • Lamb Marking: Practical Evaluation - 1500 words
  • On Farm Practice - Intensive vs. Extensive: Production Essay - 1500 words
  • Preparing and assessing lambs for sale: Written Task - 1500 words  

Production Investigation  30% 

  • Production Plan and Production Report - a combined maximum of 2000 words

Additional Information

Students may need to purchase specific experiment materials if they are not available at school. This would only occur if the experiment involved is realistic and achievable after a discussion with the teacher.